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Technical University of Health
Hai Duong

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Address: 229 , Nguyen Luong Bang , Hai Duong city, Hai Duong , Vietnam
Tel : 84-220-3891799 , Fax : 84-220-3891897
E - mail: , Website:
Technical University of Health Hai Duong has a mission to train Engineering in Medicine and Nursing undergraduate degree, postgraduate and lower; scientific research, technological development and provision of care health. With a tradition of 50 years of construction and development, the University has become a trustworthy and reputable medical technicians in training
Our mission-Vision-Core values

Haiduong Medical Technical University strives to be a university of multi-level and multi-disciplinary training and be recognized as a national leader in training...


With the aim of ensuring and promoting the training quality, Hai Duong Medical Technical University always pays attention to enhance teching staffs. Up to present, the total number of teachers and officers is 338, in which there are 248

Background of the university

1960 - 1977: Haiduong Assistant Physical School (decision No. 18/TCCB, dated September 5, 1960), Haihung School of Health staff, and Haihung Medical Secondary school: to train doctor’s assistant, pharmacist and midwife at secondary level.