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Clinic College of Health Technology established in Hai Duong 3 / 2003, a team of experienced doctors and good doctors at central hospitals participating in clinical, with modern equipment , is the practice form the basis of technical expertise, skills and attitudes for HSSV. Since its foundation, clinic cases often improve operations, expand health services for agencies, units, and already more than 200,000 doctor visits, contributing to reduce the load for the hospitals in the region.

In 2007, the Minister of Health signed a decision approving the establishment and construction project Technical University Hospitals Health Hai Duong (150 beds), this is the opportunity, the foundation for improving of a sustainable training and providing medical services to the people, contributing to reduce the load for the central hospitals and provincial
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Technical University of Health Hai Duong has a mission to train Engineering Medicine and Nursing at the university level (more ...)

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