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Students training scale
- From 2010 to 2015: 3,500- 4000 students/ year
-At present: more than 4,000 students/ year
- From 2015 to 2020: 5,000 to 7,000 students / year

Enrollment areas
- University education: enroll from the whole country
- College and secondary education: 29 Northern provinces (from Ha Tinh province forwards)

Teaching staffs
With the aim of ensuring and promoting the training quality, Hai Duong Medical Technical University always pays attention to enhance teching staffs. Up to present, the total number of teachers and officers is 338, in which there are 248 lecturers including 1 associate professor, 13 doctors of philosophy (10 of them will defense their PhD thesis in 2010), 114 masters. Moreover, our university also has 463 part-time lecturers, including 24 professors, 33 associate professors, 57 doctors of philosophy and 235 masters from Medical Universities, Hospitals, and Institutes. Besides, our university often invites international lecturers and overseas Vietnamese giving lectures to students as well as allows some teachers to participate in the distance learning course of Queensland Technology University, Australia.

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Technical University of Health Hai Duong has a mission to train Engineering Medicine and Nursing at the university level (more ...)

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