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International Partners

Conference Acceptance of teaching materials for nutrition KTV - abstinence and testing food safety

Dated 21/2/2009, at Technical University of Health was held in Hai Duong Conference acceptance of teaching materials for specialized nutrition abstinence (DDTC) and safety testing of food hygiene (KNATVSTP).

Sports Medicine Association of Engineering in 2009

Am 16 / 5, Technical University of Health was held in Hai Duong sports medicine techniques within 2 (grade school) year 2008 - 2009. This is the traditional science activities are held once a year, aims to create a movement

Workshop on "Training and human resource use and food safety DDTC"

Dated 28/03/2009, in Park Historic Cultural Kunshan, Technical University of Health Hai Duong collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition Seminar "Training and human resource use nutrition information processing

Bachelor of Mass Communication colleges us learn by doing "course 2006 - 2008

Am 12/2/2009, Technical University of Hai Duong Health held a college degree awarded learn by doing "system to elect 263 people in six majors: Test Engineering, Image Engineering , Engineering Physics / Rehabilitation, Recovery Nurse Anesthesia, Nursing general

Technical University of Health Hai Duong has a mission to train Engineering Medicine and Nursing at the university level (more ...)

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