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Workshop on "Training and human resource use and food safety DDTC"
Dated 28/03/2009, in Park Historic Cultural Kunshan, Technical University of Health Hai Duong collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition Seminar "Training and human resource use nutrition information processing and food safety. " Attending the conference were Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien - Deputy Minister of Health, with almost 100 representatives from the departments of ministries, central agencies, scientists and leaders of the Department of Health, Center for Preventive Medicine, Central Hospital and Northern provinces.

Workshop on "Training and human resource use nutritional abstinence and safe food hygiene" took place in the context of science of health care are on the rise, the system of health facilities is increasingly but the problem is expanded in a hospital nutrition and food safety testing has not really been focused. Therefore, this workshop focuses on the exchange to increase awareness and find solutions to the problem of training human resources and use of nutrition information processing (DDTC) and food safety (food safety ) today. In addition, a seminar time is the time of the first training course of two majors and abstinence Nutrition and food safety testing at the University of the Health Technology to prepare graduates Hai Duong, this two new subjects were first trained in Vietnam. So the workshop will be a chance meeting between three houses: the labor supply, the use of human resources and managers to discuss a solution more efficient use of human resources and DDTC food safety as well as set the direction to align more closely between training institutions and units using trained manpower.

The workshop was a chance encounter between three houses: managers, suppliers and the use of human resources.

The workshop heard presentations by representatives from different units, the report mainly focuses on issues such as nutrition in the hospital, actual use of human resources for DDTC and food safety medical facilities and other remedies.

The workshop also has opened an employment opportunity for prospective students double major graduating DDTC and food safety.
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