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Conference Acceptance of teaching materials for nutrition KTV - abstinence and testing food safety
Dated 21/2/2009, at Technical University of Health was held in Hai Duong Conference acceptance of teaching materials for specialized nutrition abstinence (DDTC) and safety testing of food hygiene (KNATVSTP). Attending Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan - Director of Food Safety, Ministry of Health, representatives of the Organization officials and Health Administration, Science and Training - Ministry of Health International, together with representatives from the National Institute of Nutrition, Faculty of Nutrition - Hanoi Medical University

The conference was held at the time of the first training course of two majors and DDTC KNATTP graduate preparation. After three years of training, teachers and students of the two subjects were conditioned to find out and evaluate teaching materials. The conference is an opportunity for council members and evaluation of the leading experts together to discuss food safety, given the strengths and shortcomings of each document to make changes to suit the situation reality. After the evaluation and acceptance, the teaching materials will be a formal curriculum for teaching the two subjects, overcome the shortage of textbooks in teaching today.

Council accepted work at the Conference

BA Training and KNATVSTP DDTC will meet promptly to the scarcity of human resources with expertise in food safety and nutrition in the hospital. Speaking at the conference, Dr. Nguyen Cong Khan - Director of Food Safety - The Health Ministry said the department of food safety testing release requires personnel with highly specialized subject to this department, the Technical University of Hai Duong and Health National Institute of Nutrition training involved two majors is very timely to meet the needs of the medical establishment.

Prof. Dr. Vu Dinh Chinh - school principals, chairmen of the acceptance speech at the conference.

At the conference, delegates accepted the council was considering sharing of teaching materials and discussion groups and presented to the Council. Most council members are evaluating the test materials have good content, updated and practical. However, it needs repair, add, update to better suit reality. Success of the Conference of the Council made the test plan to complete the textbook publishing in September 2009. Accordingly, the academic year 2009 - 2010, students and specialized DDTC KNATTP curriculum will be used officially.